Family of Tin and Tin-Alloy Coatings for Electronics

Anoplate’s AnoTin coatings offer readily-solderable deposits of varying melting points and excellent as-deposited luster.


AnoTin Coating Coating Characteristics
AnoTin AB Pure, bright tin deposit with aesthetic appearance suitable for exposed sheet metal parts
AnoTin AM Pure, matte tin deposit with the best solderability and lowest carbon content
AnoTin LB Bright, 60% tin 40% lead with the lowest melting point (360o F)
AnoTin LM Matte 60% tin 40% lead which is readily solderable to a high degree
AnoTin LL Bright, 93% tin 7% lead alloy readily prevents tin whiskering at a reduced lead
alloy content
AnoTin Bi Matte, lead-free, RoHS-compliant 99% tin 1%bismuth deposit.
AnoTin IM Immersion tin deposit of 10-25 µinches over copper-alloy parts.




AnoTin Type Gov’t ASTM AMS
AB, AM MIL-T- 10727 B 545 2408
LB, LM, LL MIL-P- 81728 B 579 --
IM MIL-T- 81955 -- 2409
Bi MIL-T- 10727 B 545 --


❖ Readily solderable
❖ Can be applied over various underplates to tailor the coating system to your application (nickel, electroless nickel, copper)
❖ Can be applied to nearly any substrate material
❖ Can be reflowed for enhanced aesthetics, solderability, and storage life.

Anoplate performs routine solderability tests to ensure compliance with governing specifications, including Method 208 of MILSTD-202. The carbon content of the deposit is analyzed as-required to minimize the code position of organic matter (carbon) in the coating.
Thickness and composition are closely controlled using X-ray Fluorescence technology measured directly on your parts.



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