Titanium Anodize

What is Titanium Anodize?

Titanium Anodize refers to the controlled creation of an oxide film on the surface of titanium parts.

What makes Titanium Anodize different?

Titanium anodize is used for many reasons, from part identification in the medical device community, to corrosion control and bonding in the aerospace community. Depending on the grade of titanium alloy, it can be anodized many different colors, however Anoplate only offers this finish in a blue-gray finish.

Anoplate has been relied upon to offer this finish to AMS 2488 Type II and a variety of unique customer specifications.

What are the attributes / characteristics of Titanium Anodize?

  • Used for coloring of titanium
  • Used to aid in looking for stress cracks in base material
  • Improved corrosion resistance
  • Improve adhesion of dry film lubricant or paint application

What are the applications of Titanium Anodize?

  • Aircraft parts
  • Medical devices
  • Spacecraft components

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