AnoBlack EC

Proprietary Optical Blackening process for 6000 series aluminum

Technical Data Sheet - AnoBlack EC    

black anodizing custom black coating by anoplate inc near syracuse nyFor parts that are sulfuric acid anodized, AnoBlack EC provides electrolytic blackening using inorganic metallic salts as opposed to organic dyes. The result: a 100% smut-free coating that will not fade under extremes of either light or temperature.

AnoBlack EC coating exceed the requirements of MIL-A-8625 Type II, Class 2 coatings. They have been approved by major aerospace OEMs for space vehicle applications where emissivity and high-temperature performance are critical.


 Key Advantages

  • No outgassing when compared to conventional Type II black anodize, or optical paints
  • Able to withstand extremes of temperature without color degradation
  • Able to withstand various cleaning agents and detergents without degradation
  • Unlike some optical paints, AnoBlack EC can be applied to exacting tolerances, meaning your assemblies will fit together afterward without issue
  • Flat optical performance throughout IR-Vis range – no peaks at certain wavelengths [see chart below]

anoblack compared to black anodizing by anoplate inc near syracuse ny

Technical Data

  • On 6000 series aluminum, AnoBlack EC will withstand 500°F [240°C] for 1 hour without any optical degradation.
  • Total normal emittance after 500°F bake is >0.90
  • RoHS Compliant

Key Applications

  • Optical applications using either ultraviolet or infrared light in which the black color must not bleach or fade
  • Medical devices that are subjected to heat and/or aggressive cleaning agents (such as peroxide) needed to ensure sterilization
  • Semiconductor manufacturing and other applications which require zero particulate generation
  • Any application where parts are subjected to intense light – such as space vehicle cooling units, external components, and light sinks.

Key Considerations

Anoplate’s AnoBlack EC is only proven for 6000 series aluminum. Welded components should use identical welding rod material to ensure complete coverage of the AnoBlack EC coating.
Like all anodize coatings, this coating penetrates in to the surface and grows up from the original dimension. A dimensional change of 0.0002-0.0003” per surface is common for 6000 series alloys. Other alloys could see different dimensional growth than what is typical.

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