AnoBlack [Ni]TE

 Autocatalytic Black Electroless Nickel Coating

Technical Data Sheet - AnoBlack [Ni]TE    

Traditional electrodeposited black coatings have their drawbacks. Black chrome has poor throwing efficiency while black nickel provides, at best, a dark gray appearance and is prone to fingerprints. Black oxide for copper, best known as Ebanol C, is matte black but can’t be readily handled and is smutty.

AnoBlack NiTE represents a breakthrough in applying a robust, deep black coating. Unlike electrodeposited coatings which are notorious for non-uniform build-up, AnoBlack NiTE deposits evenly on all surfaces, making it a perfect candidate for intricate small parts, larger parts with complex internal geometries or highly precision machined optical housings, lens barrels and the like.

The resulting AnoBlack NiTE surface, about 40 millionths of an inch thick, is a phosphorous enriched, complex black nickel oxide. Color wise, AnoBlack NiTE has been measured using a spectrophotometer and consistent readings of 22 are obtained. For reference, 1 is absolute black and 100 is total white.

Typical Physical Properties



Nickle: 97-99%

Phosphorus: 1-3%

Hardness: 700-800 HK100 (58—63 HRC)
Coating Thickness1: 0.0007-0.0010” typical
Electrical Resistivity: ~600 µΩ/in2
Absorption Rate: 94-96%
Appearance2: Lusterless to bright black
Reflectance: 0.91 (average, 250-2500nm)
Emissivity: 4-6%
Thermal Cycling: Passed

1The thickness of the coating can vary depending on the degree of protection needed. Thicknesses upwards of 0.0007 – 0.0010 inches are needed to ensure the coatings ability to pass 100 hours of salt spray, however, the coating can be as thin as 0.0003 inch.

2The resulting reflectivity and appearance of the AnoBlack NiTE finish is dependent on several factors including: (a) surface finish and type of base material, (b) basis metal preparation, (c) thickness and phosphorous content of the underlying electroless nickel, and (d) presence of a sealer intended to enhance corrosion resistance. A fully matte, deep black is not achievable with AnoBlack NiTE at this time.

nickel coating anoblack nite by anoplate inc near syracuse ny   nickel coating example by anoplate inc near syracuse

Typical  Applications

    • Exterior military components requiring resistance to wear, corrosion, and CARC decontamination protocols.
    • Connector shells, gun magazine clips, electronic enclosures, and linear motion actuation equipment.
    • Laser and optical applications such as digital projection equipment and medical diagnostic instruments

Key Advantages

  • Excellent coating uniformity on exterior as well as interior surfaces makes it a perfect candidate for intricate-shaped, highly precision machined components
  • Superior abrasion resistance to electrodeposited black nickel
  • Exceeds 100+ hours to corrosion resistance when salt spray tested per ASTM B 117
  • Compliant with WEEE, RoHS, ELV and other European environmental sustainability initiates
  • Can be applied to ferrous, aluminum, and copper-based substrates among others

AnoBlack NiTE Dissuse Reflectances

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