Black Ziron

Zinc Iron alloy deposit for extended corrosion resistance and environmental durability.

Technical Data Sheet - Black Ziron   

Anoplate’s Black Ziron is a proprietary electrodeposited zinc-iron alloy which provides excellent corrosion resistance and durability over conventional zinc plating.

Black Ziron uses a proven alkaline, non-cyanide plating chemistry for even thickness distribution and excellent alloy distribution, ensuring that the corrosion benefits of the alloy reach in to the deepest geometries.

Black Ziron utilizes silver-free black chromate posttreatment. This ensures that the color will not fade to green over time, like conventional black zinc plating. Additionally, since there are no precious metals in the chromate, the cost of Black Ziron will not fluctuate with the silver market.

Key Advantageszinc plating black ziron by anoplate inc near syracuse ny

  • Deep, black color
  • Excellent durability
  • Even alloy distribution
  • Superb corrosion resistance
  • Uniform thickness
  • Fine grain
  • Low-stress

Performance Comparison*

Alloy/Chromate White Rust Red Rust
Black Ziron 250 800
Zinc - Cobalt / Black 200 500
Zinc - Cobalt / Yellow 250 500
Zinc - Tin / Black 100 500
Zinc / Yellow 100 200

* Based on ASTM B117 Neutral Salt Spray (5%) Testing at 0.0002 inch thickness


Zinc Iron Alloy Specifications

Originator Spec Title Designation
ASTM  Electro-deposited Coatings for Zinc-Iron
General Motors  Corrosion Protective Zinc Alloy Plating

Customer Challenge → Anoplate Solution

Anoplate’s Black Ziron finish solved a corrosion problem on a naval communications housing. The assembly was a mixture of zinc-plated steel, passivated stainless, and brass components that were all exposed to the extremes of temperatures, humidity, and salt wash that plagues the deck of today’s warships. The zinc-plated steel components were rusting, specifically around the interface between dissimilar materials and where sea spray would pool. Secondly, the black zinc would fade to an olive-drab green color over time. Black Ziron was evaluated over a 3-month period on-board the ship and was found to be the perfect solution for both corrosion resistance and black color.

What can Black Ziron do for you?

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