AnoLube 9650

Solid Film Lubricant: Anti-Gallant Treatment

Technical Data Sheet - AnoLube 9650   

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AnoLube 9650 Solid Film Lubricant is a lacquer-like coating containing molybdenum disulfide and corrosion inhibiting pigments within a silicone vehicle. It is a specialized product designed to prevent galling and provide long wear life at high temperatures (500°F to 750°F) exceeding the operational ranges of AnoLube 9620A and conventional dry film lubricants and meeting Pratt & Whitney specification PWA 550U.

Higher pigment loading protects all metals from galling, fretting, and seizing. This solid film lubricant exhibits extremely low friction and anti-galling characteristics at loads in excess of 100,000 psi.

Typical Applications

AnoLube 9650 is an excellent solution to the problem of lubricating parts:

  • Where high operational temperatures are incurred
  • Which are seldom lubricated once they are built
  • Where operating pressures exceed the load bearing capacities of ordinary oils and greases
  • Where "clean operation" is desired (AnoLube 9650 will not collect dirt and debris as do grease and oils)
  • Where a protective coating and sacrificial breakin lubricant are needed
  • Where fretting and galling is a problem (as shown on gear teeth and roller bearing surfaces)

Physical Properties

Coefficient of Friction:

0.04 to 0.06

Operating Temperature: -300°F to 750°F (Intermittent temperatures to 1200°F)
Lubricative Pigment: Molybdenum Disulfide
Color: Flat Dark Gray
Thermal Stability: Will not chip, crack or peel at temperatures exceeding 1000°F
Wear Life: 200 – 250 minutes (Falex @ 1000 lbs. gauge load)
Load Carrying Capacity: >100,000psi
Corrosion Protection: Approx. 100 hrs

 Film Thickness & Tolerances

Usually engineering tolerances will permit necessary minimum film buildup of .0002 to .0003 inches without interference. If excess buildup does occur and a force fit is necessary, burnishing lightly will assist in mating the parts. The remaining excess will be worn away in the first few cycles of operation. Whenever possible, the proper tolerances should be designed into the part

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Caution: This treatment should not be used in the presence of hydrocarbon and synthetic oils, lubricants or fuel as these materials will degrade the AnoLube 9650


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