Enhanced PTFE

Unique formulation of co-deposited electroless nickel with PTFE meeting AMS 2454

Technical Data Sheet - Enhanced PTFE  


Anoplate’s ENhanced PTFE coatings offer the uniform deposition and hardness of electroless nickel, enhanced with the lubricity and release characteristics of a PTFE fluorocarbon.

ENhanced PTFE coatings are selected for their effectiveness in reducing downtime and extending equipment life, and for their ability to optimize process and equipment performance.

Unlike immersion or spray PTFE coatings which are have heavy and inconsistent thickness, Anoplate’s ENhanced PTFE deposits uniformly on all surfaces and with controlled thickness. ENhanced PTFE evenly distributes the PTFE particles throughout the thickness of the coating, so the coating will perform consistently throughout its wear life.


  • Valves used in fluid delivery
  • Pump rotors
  • External fixation devices
  • Mold & die cores and cavities
  • Composite Molds and layout fixtures

enhanced ptfe coatings by anoplate inc near syracuse nyAdvantages

  • Low-friction, self-lubricating, reduces galling
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Outstanding corrosion resistance
  • Uniform coating thickness
  • Uniform distribution of PTFE lubricant


Press Coating Characterisitics

ENhanced NT

Hardness as-deposited

ENhanced HT* Thermally treated for maximum hardness

*Deposit may have a blue-yellow tint after thermal treatment


coatings service by anoplate inc near syracuse ny


Physical Properties

Matrix Material

Amorphous Ni/P Alloy

Phosphorus Content 9-11% by Weight

PTFE Content
20-25% by Volume
7-9% by Weight
PTFE Particle Size sub-micron
Hardness, ENhanced NT 250-350 HK100
Hardness, ENhanced HT 375-425 HK100
Coefficient of Friction 0.2 Max
Melting Point 1630°F ( 888°C )
PTFE Breakdown 572°F ( 300°C )
Electrical Resistivity 500 µΩ/in2
Corrosion Resistance*, SC6 >2,000 Hours

 *When tested per ASTM B117 with suitable undercoat



Key Considerations

Anoplate’s ENhanced PTFE provides extended lubrication of moving, wear-prone, high-precision and inaccessible parts. It provides lubricity for parts exposed to solvents, working in cryogenic temperatures, or operating in environments with unconventional lubricants.

Durable, versatile ENhanced PTFE coatings can be applied to nearly any metallic substrate material. Coating thickness can range from 0.0001 – 0.0005”. Depending on the application, Anoplate can apply thicker coatings using an electroless nickel underplate selected for extending performance conditions in severe applications.

ENhanced PTFE meets and exceeds the requirements of the following:

  • AMS 2454
  • Code T of MIL-DTL-38999



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