Since 1960 Anoplate has been serving a wide range of industrial markets. Our reputation for quality and knowledge has positioned us as one of the top metal finishing companies in the United States. We have a dedicated team of engineering and quality experts with the experience and resources to solve the most challenging surface finishing applications.

Why choose Anoplate?

  • Nadcap accredited for nearly 80 chemical processes.
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  • ISO9001 Certified.
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  • ITAR Registered. 
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  • Extensive range of processes.
    Anoplate is one of the largest metal finishing companies in the U.S. We offer multiple finishes for ‘one-stop-shopping’.
  • Specifications: MIL, ASTM, AMS
  • Extensive list of company approvals. 
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  • Experience in detailed masking procedures, selective plating, and solving challenging plating and surface finishing applications.
  • Offering RoHS compliant coatings.
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  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS)
    Anoplate implements new technologies and processes such as nickel-free black oxide, regenerative electroless nickel process, less toxic metal substitute chemistries, energy-efficient casting impregnation technology, mechanical and process control upgrades, and other waste management practices.

Associations, Memberships & Affiliations

  • National Tooling & Machining Association

    National Tooling & Machining Association

  • National Association for Surface Finishing

    National Association for Surface Finishing

  • American Society for Quality

    American Society for Quality

  • International Hard Anodizing Association

    International Hard Anodizing Association

  • ASTM International

    ASTM International
  • ASM International

    ASM International
  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers

    Society of Manufacturing Engineers

  • SAE International

    SAE International
  • Aerospace Industries Association

    Aerospace Industries Association

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