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  • Anodize: The Fast and The Furious

    FAST.  When it comes to colored anodize, a key property to consider if “fastness.”  Oxford Dictionary defines fastness as the ability of a material or dye to maintain its color without fading.  The organic dyes used to impart color to freshly anodized aluminum are typically rated for both light and heat fastness on a scale from 1 to 10, poorest to best, derived from ISO 2135.  These ratings are especially important for architectural applications where sunlight exposure is unavoidable.  For these…

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  • Typical applications that require electropolish

    Electropolishing - Elevating Surface Quality and Appearance

    Electropolishing is an electrochemical process wherein a part is immersed in a suitable electrolyte with electrical current applied to remove or blend in microscopic imperfections in the surface. In general, it reduces surface roughness by leveling peaks and valleys improving the overall appearance.…

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  • Design 2 Part Schaumburg

    Tradeshow Announcement! Please join us at the Design 2 Part show in Schaumburg IL Meet our Sales Engineers and see what Anoplate can do for you! Next week a couple of our senior Sales Engineers will be attending the Design 2 Part show in Schaumburg IL. If you are local to the region, or just in the area and looking to discuss any existing projects or new opportunities, come see us at Booth 306. We’d be happy to discuss any of our 80+ unique finishes with you and see how we can meet all…

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  • Gold Plating – Fashion or Function?

    A-U…yes you! Did you know there is more to gold than fashionable accessories?  More than half of the world’s gold is used for jewelry but its functional properties are desirable among numerous industrial industries.  Gold plating can be found as far as the rover on mars to the very electronic device you are using right now. What Is Gold Plating? Gold plating is the process of coating the surface of another metal with a thin layer of gold.  The earliest known use of gold plating goes as far b…

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  • “Less-Is-More” with TCP: How to Optimize Corrosion Protection

    Anoplate plays an important part in Protecting What Matters through the application of Trivalent Chromium Passivation (TCP) on high-quality aluminum parts in the aerospace industry. TCP is a low electrical resistivity conversion coating of the aluminum surface that can provide improved adhesion for paint applications and protection from corrosive environments. TCP is a hexavalent-free chem film conversion coating that is both RoHS and REACH compliant and conforms to the MIL spec for chem film…

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