Part Information Requirements

  • Please review this list so that we can partner together to provide  you with the best of quality and delivery.

Basic Information Needed

  • The contact person (name, email, phone) for technical information if needed.
  • A Purchase Order with all applicable job, work order, serial, operation, and any other pertinent numbers.
  • The ship to and bill to address, packing requirements if different than received, and return shipping method (e.g., UPS) with your account number.

Please Include the Following Information, Preferably on a Drawing

  • The finish specification or coating needed.
  • The material and alloy of the base part.
  • The material hardness (Rockwell preferred).
  • The thickness and tolerance requirements.
  • The size and dimensions of the part including total surface area if known.
  • The masking requirements.
  • The racking requirements.
  • Critical surface finishes

Additional Information Needed if Applicable

  • Any NADCAP, ITAR, FFL, Government Rating or other requirements.
  • Quality clauses associated with the order or internet locations where they can be obtained.
  • First article inspection requirements.
  • Visual Inspection Criteria.
  • Any area that is critical to part function and coverage.
  • Anything else that you feel Anoplate should know about your requirements for the part(s) to be run.

For questions or more information on any of the above requirements please call or contact us online.

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