AnoBlack SS

Providing a matte, black finish on hard-to-blacken substrates

Technical Data Sheet - AnoBlack SS    


blackened steel finish by anoplate inc near syracuse nyAnoBlack SS is a blackening process for ductile & malleable iron, as well as difficult- to-blacken stainless steels. It imparts moderate corrosion resistance, which can be further enhanced by application of sealants and preservatives. AnoBlack SS is a non-reflective, matte black finish. It penetrates the metal surface to provide durable, adherent coating (won't peel or separate like plating can). The process has little or no dimensional change (typically well under 1 micron).

AnoBlack SS exceeds the requirements of MIL-C-13924.

Physical Properties

Appearance: Smooth, matte black
Thickness: Negligible
Corrosion Resistance: Limited by base material
Wear Resistance: Limited
Temperature Resistance: >800°F


Typical Applications

AnoBlack SS should be applied where tight tolerance and a matte black finish are critical. AnoBlack SS is an excellent solution for the following applications:

  • Industrial and commercial components
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic manifolds
  • Stray light management
  • Critical tolerance parts that cannot accept any


AnoBlack SS meets and exceeds the following requirements:

Class 1 – non-stainless steel alloys
Class 2 – stainless steel alloys
Class 4 – stainless steel alloys*

*Salt spray testing required to 96 hours IAW ASTM B117 on Austenitic

blackened steel finish before and after from anoplate inc near syracuse ny
Before (left) and after (right) AnoBlack SS finish


Because AnoBlack SS is a conversion coating, it can be just as easily applied to large intricate parts as it can to small, simple parts. Smaller parts can be processed in bulk using the AnoBlack SS process, making it more economical than other coatings.

Other Considerations

  • As with all such black conversion coatings, AnoBlack SS does result in a trace amount of black smut which can be removed by wiping or tumbling. As such, it is not recommended for clean-room environments or invasive medical components without trialing it for your specific application.
  • Corrosion performance increases significantly with oiling or other sealing. If you would like Anoplate to subsequently seal the AnoBlack SS coating, please specify which type of oil – heavy, light or dry-touch.



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