Environmental and Quality Policy

Anoplate is committed to providing world class finishing services that satisfy customer expectations and requirements in a timely, cost effective and environmentally responsible manner that meets or exceeds applicable environmental, health, and safety laws and regulations. To achieve this we will listen to our customers, employees and other stakeholders, measure performance and take action to realize our objectives, minimize the impact of Company operations on the environment, continually improve the effectiveness of our management systems, and invest in our employees, community and business partnerships.

BV Certification ISO 9001NADCAP Accredited

At Anoplate Our Employees Are Our #1 Quality Asset


Fischerscope® Model XDAL
X-Ray fluorescence spectrometer for quantitative element analysis and thickness measurement

Our skilled and dedicated employees hold the key to giving our customers the level of quality they've come to expect. It's their innovative thinking and attention-to-detail that helps us consistently develop the solutions our customers need - and deliver them in a professional and timely fashion.

X-Rite® Model 962
Portable Spectrophotometer color measurement system

Where required, Anoplate’s Quality Engineering team uses advanced quality tools, i.e. Design of Experiments (DOE) and process capability analysis to assure that our customers have consistent color finishes that meet their stringent requirements.

Fischerscope® MMS®
Multi-function coating thickness and materials testing & analysis system

At Anoplate, we believe that customer needs are paramount and have taken steps in the design of our quality system to drive the responsibility for quality right down to the lowest level in the organization where it can best be controlled. Our staff of Certified Operator / Inspectors are trained to inspect every job, prior to packaging, to ensure that it meets the customers’ requirements.

Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
Elemental analysis of plating bath solutions

Incoming and in-process checks of chemicals and plating baths are made using a variety of methods, including chemical titrations, pH levels and Atomic Absorption.

Periodic process control testing for salt spray, hardness and embrittlement are done using specialized test apparatus or sent outside to Nadcap accredited labs.

Calibration of Temperature Controller Units

All devices utilized to monitor or measure our plating process parameters or product conformity are routinely calibrated or verified against standards that are traceable to national measurement standards to ensure valid results.


anodizing finishes- hardcoat anodize

Casting Impregnation with Godfrey & Wing's HVLV

Anoplate utilizes Godfrey & Wing’s innovative High Value Low Volume (HVLV) vacuum impregnation technology to replace the traditional batch flow approach.

Single-piece flow equipment enables Anoplate to conserve resources (floor space, sealant, and electricity) while achieving nearly 100% sealing performance. The savings in cycle time alone is upwards of 80%. This technology is time- and energy-efficient, and it provides our customers with the security of knowing their pressure retention requirements will be met throughout the life of the component.