AnoLube III – 15k

Anoplate’s AnoLube III – 15k represents a breakthrough in hard anodic protective coating for aluminum alloys used in extreme environments. Using sequentially applied inorganic, bi-metallic sealant, followed by a proprietary, chemically bonded fluoropolymer, the aluminum surface is imparted with enhanced surface properties.

protective coating for aluminum alloysAnoLube III – 15k utilizes proprietary PTFE lubricant whose hydrophobicity renders the coated part easily cleanable. Under this proprietary process, the specially-formulated fluoropolymer penetrates the surface resulting in a highly-corrosion resistant ceramic which exhibits dielectric properties superior to that of conventional hardcoat anodize. Additionally, the coating retains its non-stick, low coefficient of friction properties afforded it by PTFE.


❖ MIL-A-8625 Type III
❖ MIL-A-63576 Class 1
❖ AMS-2468
❖ Customer-defined specs


❖ Low coefficient of friction, non-stick PTFE surface
❖ Low wettability = easy cleanability
❖ Abrasion-resistant, “file hard” ceramic
❖ Chemically-inert fluoropolymer impregnation
❖ Corrosion-resistant hard anodize
❖ High dielectric withstanding voltage
❖ Resulting hardness and corrosion resistance is alloy dependent