Combining the durability of chemical bonding with PTFE

AnoLube 7959 represents a technological breakthrough in lubrication science. It combines the durability advantages of chemical bonding with the exceptional lubrication properties of PTFE in an environmentally safe, water based, VOC-free, nonflammable formulation.

AnoLube 7959 - chemical bondingThis specially formulated bonded lubricant deposits a thin, firmly-bonded PTFE dry-film coating on most metals as well as some ceramics and plastics (e.g. polycarbonate). The unique properties of AnoLube 7959 are related to its ability to chemically bond to the substrate surface. It has been successfully applied to variety of materials by spraying, brushing, or dipping and shown no change in appearance following

Once AnoLube 7959 has been allowed to cure, it is virtually unaffected by atmospheric and fretting corrosion, solvents, acids, oils, degreasers, aviation fuel, or hydraulic fluid. This makes it unique in comparison to traditional non-bonded PTFE lubricants or impregnated coatings.


❖ Parts that will be operated in corrosive atmospheres where friction is a problem
❖ Excellent for use on fasteners, hydraulics motors, throttles, cables, pulleys, slide mechanisms, hinges, and brake assemblies
❖ Components that are difficult to reach in-service or are seldom lubricated once they are built
❖ Where clean operation is desired – will not collect dirt and dust like grease or oil will
❖ Where ease-of-release is critical (nuts and screws or injection molds)
❖ Where a protective coating and a sacrificial break-in lubricant is needed
❖ Parts manufactured from a wide variety of substrate materials including metals, ceramics, and plastics


Coefficient of
32o – 450o F
Vehicle Type Water-borne
Color Clear, Translucent
Film Thickness 0.0001”-0.0002”