Providing Maximum Wear Life and Corrosion Protection

AnoLube 9620A Dry Film Lubricant is a lacquer-like coating containing molybdenum disulfide and corrosion inhibiting pigments. This heat-curing material prevents corrosion, seizing, galling, and fretting. It is a low-friction coating which exhibits long wear life when operated at -320o F to +500o F and loads of up to 250,000 PSI.

AnoLube 9620A
meets and exceeds the requirements of AS5272 (formerly MIL-L-46010D Type II). It can be applied to a wide variety of materials by spraying or dipping. It also should be applied where maximum wear life and corrosion resistance are required.

AnoLube 9620A typically requires a minimum film buildup of 0.0002 inches (5 microns) in order to achieve the performance properties. Higher thickness is achievable.


❖Parts that will be operated in corrosive atmospheres

❖Where fretting and galling is a problem

❖Parts that operate in pressures exceed the load-bearing capacity of ordinary oils and greases

❖For parts that are seldom lubricated once they leave the factory

❖When the clean operation is desired

❖Where parts are subjected to frequent disassembly

❖Where ease of release is critical (nuts and screws or PVC injection molds)


Coefficient of Friction: ~0.0236 (Falex Test)

Operating Temperature:  ~320o F to 500o F

Binder Type:  Epoxy-Phenolic Lubricative

Pigment: Molybdenum Disulfide

Color: Flat Dark Gray

Load Carrying Capacity: >250,000 PSI

Wear Life: 496 Minutes, Average (ASTM D2625, Method A)

Corrosion Protection: >1500 hours*

* When tested per ASTM B117 over manganese phosphate-coated steel