AnoBlack EC

Technical Data Sheet - AnoBlack EC   

Two-Step Black Anodize for Medical, Aerospace and Optical Applications

AnoBlack EC is an electrolytic coloring process for blackening anodized aluminum alloys. Blackening is accomplished using inorganic metallic salts (not organic dyes) and thus is 100% smut-free and will not fade under extremes of light or temperature. If your application demands rigorous coating performance, consider AnoBlack EC as an alternative to standard Type II sulfuric black anodize. Without using organic dyes, the AnoBlack EC 2-step anodize (electrolytic blackening) provides medical instruments, aerospace components and optical devices with superior, deep black color that resist corrosion and perform exceptionally well. AnoBlackEC.jpg

Key Features:

  • AnoBlack EC coatings will not outgas in vacuum environment applications.
  • AnoBlack EC meets MIL-A-8625, Type II, Class 2 for black sulfuric anodize and has been approved by major aerospace manufacturers for space vehicle applications where emissivity and the ability to withstand high temperatures are both critical.
  • Suitable for 6000 series aluminum Black coating is largely independent of anodic film thickness – so color depth remains consistent even on thinner coatings.

Prime Applications:

  • Medical devices & instruments that are subjected to heat and aggressive cleaning agents (such as peroxide) which is necessary for sterilization.
  • Space applications where the parts are subjected to intense light – such as space vehicle cooling, space vehicle antennas and outdoor environments.
  • Optical/optic applications using either ultraviolet or infrared light in which the black color must not bleach or fade.
  • Semiconductor equipment and other applications that require the stringent cleanliness available from a “smut free” coating.

Typical Properties

AnoBlack 'EC' coatings able to withstand 500°F (240°C) for 1 hour without-any degradation. Anoplate has successfully coated 3000 and 5000 series aluminum alloys as well as 6000 series alloys. The 'total normal emittance' of AnoBlack EC following a 500°F bake is greater than 0.90. (measurements made using Gier-Dunkle Paraboloid Spectrophotometer with a Perkin Elmer Grating Monochromator).

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