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  • Solid Film Lubricant, Protective Coating - AnoLube 9650

    AnoLube 9650

    AnoLube 9650 Solid Film Lubricant is a lacquer-like coating containing molybdenum disulfide and corrosion inhibiting pigments within a silicone vehicle.…

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  • Gold Plating Technology

    Anoplate Gold

    Anoplate runs a full series of gold baths that are specially formulated to plate with varying degrees of purity and hardness, as-required by the specific application or specification.…

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  • AnoBlack Cr (MIL-C-14538)

    Durable, Deep Black Coating for Critical Optical Components

    AnoBlack Cr (MIL-C-14538) is Anoplate’s proprietary black chrome deposit. Learn more about our finishes here.…

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  • Electroless Nickel Line Expansion

    Electroless Nickel Line Expansion

    Anoplate continues to make significant capital upgrades to its facility including an expansion of its electroless nickel (EN) capabilities. In addition to its hand EN line, Anoplate has a linear, manually operated hoist line utilizing the latest chemical technology to produce high phosphorus grade EN deposits on steel and copper substrates.…

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  • anodizing for high tolerance parts, anotole

    Anodizing for High Tolerance Parts

    Using a modified sulfuric acid electrolyte and enhanced power control, Anoplate has developed, tested, analyzed and is now launching a revolutionary new anodizing technology called AnoTole.…

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