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  • Anodizing Electroplating


    AnoTole is a breakthrough anodizing technology advanced by Anoplate to produce exacting and predictable anodizing build-up, much like that of Type 1 chromic anodize, using a sulfuric acid-based, Type II electrolyte.…

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  • Tin-Lead Electroplating

    AnoTin Bi

    AnoTin is a lead-free, ROHS-Compliant Replacement for Tin-Lead Electroplating…

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  • Tin and Tin-Alloy Coatings for Electronics


    Anoplate’s AnoTin coatings offer readily-solderable deposits of varying melting points and excellent as-deposited luster.…

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  • Electropolishing for medical instruments

    AnoPolish - Medical

    Anoplate’s AnoPolish process has been custom-engineered to provide maximum corrosion resistance of stainless steel components for medical applications.…

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  • Anopolish - electropolishing


    AnoPolish is Anoplate’s proprietary electropolishing process for a variety of stainless steels, Invar, and Kovar.…

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