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  • coating for aluminum alloys

    AnoLube III – 15k

    Anoplate’s AnoLube III – 15k represents a breakthrough in hard anodic protective coating for aluminum alloys used in extreme environments.…

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  • AnoLube 7959, chemical bonding

    Combining the durability of chemical bonding with PTFE

    AnoLube 7959 represents a technological breakthrough in lubrication science. It combines the durability advantages of chemical bonding with the exceptional lubrication properties of PTFE in an environmentally safe, water based, VOC-free, nonflammable formulation.…

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  • metal finishing vendor shot show 2020

    Shot Show Las Vegas 2020

    Anoplate will be at Shot Show in Las Vegas January 20-21. Please come visit Tim, Charlie and Dave in booth 52540 or contact us prior to set up a one on one meeting. …

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  • Aluminum coating, hardcoat anodize

    AnoLube III

    Anoplate’s AnoLube III provides manufacturers with the low-weight and cost advantages of aluminum, the abrasion resistance of hardcoat anodize and the lubricity of the latest fluoropolymer technology.…

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  • Dry Lubrication Electroplating

    AnoHard Cr

    AnoHard Cr is Anoplate’s proprietary industrial, hard chrome deposit. AnoHard Cr deposits a micro-cracked, smooth and shiny deposit that is proven to reduce wear, friction, seizing and gall your un-coated components.…

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