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  • AnoBlack Cr (MIL-C-14538)

    Durable, Deep Black Coating for Critical Optical Components

    AnoBlack Cr (MIL-C-14538) is Anoplate’s proprietary black chrome deposit. Learn more about our finishes here.…

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  • Electroless Nickel Line Expansion

    Electroless Nickel Line Expansion

    Anoplate continues to make significant capital upgrades to its facility including an expansion of its electroless nickel (EN) capabilities. In addition to its hand EN line, Anoplate has a linear, manually operated hoist line utilizing the latest chemical technology to produce high phosphorus grade EN deposits on steel and copper substrates.…

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  • anodizing for high tolerance parts, anotole

    Anodizing for High Tolerance Parts

    Using a modified sulfuric acid electrolyte and enhanced power control, Anoplate has developed, tested, analyzed and is now launching a revolutionary new anodizing technology called AnoTole.…

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  • electropolishing

    What is ''Lead Free/Cadmium-Free''

    There is a very small amount of lead, cadmium and possibly other metals that make their way through the carbonyl nickel process and ends up as a tramp contaminant in the nickel powder which is then dissolved to make Plating Grade Liquid Nickel Sulfate CLNS).…

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  • Q&A: Electropolishing and Thermal Deburring

    Q& A on Electropolishing & thermal deburring? Thermal deburring is a method, using thermal energy, to remove burrs and flash. Parts are placed in a furnace and a mixture of natural gas and oxygen are injected under pressure.…

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