Another Successful NADCAP Audit

Anoplate recently completed another week long NADCAP reaccreditation audit resulting in a single finding!  That’s remarkable considering Anoplate has one of the broadest scope of approvals in the industry. 

Anoplate’s approval ranging from 5 types of anodize to zinc-nickel plating and more than fifty other finishes in-between. The auditor cited “pride and dedication among the team members on the floor resulting in a lot of cooperation among everybody.”  NADCAP accreditation not only opens Anoplate to providing its chemical processing services to every aerospace OEM, it ensures a higher quality standard delivered to each of our more than 1,400 annual customers.  

Wrapping up the closing meeting, the auditor stated “I’d feel safe being on an airplane if it had parts on it from Anoplate.”  Our entire Anoplate team is truly proud of this statement.



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