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  • vacuum impregnation technology

    Vacuum Impregnation Processes at Anoplate

    Anoplate utilizes lean innovative HVLV vacuum impregnation technology to replace more traditional batch flow approach.…

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  • AnoBlack SS

    AnoBlack SS

    AnoBlack SS is a blackening process for ductile & malleable iron, as well as difficult-to-blacken stainless steels. It imparts moderate corrosion resistance, which can be further enhanced by the application of sealants and preservatives. Corrosion performance increases significantly with oiling or other sealing. AnoBlack SS is a non-reflective, matte black finish. It penetrates the metal surface to provide durable, adherent coating (won’t peel or separate like plating can). The process has l…

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  • anoblack ec

    Proprietary Optical Blackening Process for Select Aluminum Alloys

    For parts that are sulfuric acid anodized, AnoBlack EC provides electrolytic blackening using inorganic metallic salts as opposed to organic dyes. The result: a 100% smut-free coating that will not fade under extremes of either light or temperature. AnoBlack EC coatings exceed the requirements of MIL-A-8625 Type II, Class 2 coatings. It has been approved by major aerospace OEMs for space vehicle applications where emissivity and high- temperature performance are critical. DESIGN CONSIDERATIO…

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  • MIL-P-18317 - AnoBlack Ni

    AnoBlack Ni

    AnoBlack Ni is Anoplate’s proprietary industrial, black nickel deposit, meeting requirements of MIL-P-18317.…

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  • Dry Film Lubricant AnoLube 9620A

    Providing Maximum Wear Life and Corrosion Protection

    AnoLube 9620A Dry Film Lubricant is a lacquer-like coating containing molybdenum disulfide and corrosion inhibiting pigments.…

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