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  • How Hard Is Hardcoat Anodize

    How Hard Is Hardcoat Anodize?

    Anodize is widely used to protect aluminum from the corrosion, wear and a number of environs that degrade the otherwise soft and readily oxidized aluminum. Typically anodize is broken down into three categories referred to as Type I, Type II, and Type III.  Type I is thin anodize usually done in non-sulfuric acid electrolyte and widely used where reduced fatigue strength associated with thicker anodize is a concern.  Type II is conventional sulfuric anodize used for decorative and general corro…

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  • Come meet our team!

    Anoplate Sales Engineers will be Exhibiting at next week's show!…

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  • anoblack 606

    Anoblack 606: Applications and Advantages

    The AnoBlack 606 process is a unique amalgamation of chemical pretreatment with post-electrochemical processing that creates an ultra-matte black appearance on wrought aluminum alloys. The micro-etched surface lowering the glossiness as well as blending in mild scratches and minimizes die line visibility for added durability making this material perfect not only to protect but also to showcase your pieces! The AnoBlack 606 process is a low-cost, and more uniform, alternative to mechanical bla…

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  • NASF’s annual SUR/FIN conference and trade show

    Next week a team of our engineers will be traveling to Chicago to attend NASF’s annual SUR/FIN conference and trade show. This year our own Patrick Howe will be presenting the results of a collaborative Design of Experiment Anoplate and Rolls-Royce teamed up to complete. The purpose of the DoE was to push Low Hydrogen Embrittlement Zinc Nickel to the far limits of its standard operating parameters to better understand what the finish is capable of, even in non-ideal plating conditions. This pro…

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  • Anoplate Coatings

    Anoplate’s branded line of “AnoBlack” coatings are designed to reduce stray light and outgassing for the optics industry for a variety of alloys. Our AnoBlack coatings have been used on Satellites, Life-Support systems, Military Optics, Medical devices and more. AnoBlack EC Our two-step inorganic anodize is designed to work with 1000, 5000, and 6000 series aluminum and will not work with 2000, 7000, or cast material. AnoBlack EC meets and exceeds the coating requirements of MIL-PRF-8265 Type…

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