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  • Anoplate is hosting a Career Fair

    Looking for more than a job? Anoplate is hosting a Career Fair on Thursday, September 23, 2021. If you are seeking a career with great benefits and applied training, attend the Anoplate Career Fair from 3:30-6:30pm at 400 Pulaski Street, Syracuse, NY 13027. Opportunities currently open include:  Chemical Process Engineer Plating Technicians Masking Production Trainee Maintenance Manager Maintenance Electrician Systems Integrator / IT Regional Sales Manager Shipping / Receiving Clerk …

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  • Black Oxide

    Can Rust Be Good? If It’s Black Oxide It Can Be!

    If you’re talking about the red-orange growth that seemingly spontaneously appears on your lawn furniture, bike chain, or propane tank the answer is an emphatic NO! That red-orange compound is chemically speaking hydrated ferric oxide, Fe2O3, formed by exposure of iron to oxygen in the presence of water. However, iron when exposed to a highly alkaline salt bath at about 285 degrees F forms the other oxide of iron, namely ferrous oxide, Fe3O4, which is an aesthetically appealing black oxide or …

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  • What is Cadmium Plating?

    What is Cadmium Plating? Benefits of Cadmium Plating | Anoplate, Inc

    Cadmium plating is a metallic silver, soft coating that can be deposited on various base materials such as steel, copper, iron, brass and aluminum. It is prized for its corrosion resistance, lubricity, chemical resistance, ductility, and ease of solderability.…

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  • ASTM B841 Specification Revision Now Covers Anoplate’s Zynik II Zinc-Nickel Plating

    Anoplate began offering high nickel bearing, low hydrogen embrittlement zinc-nickel plating specifically targeting high strength steel aerospace components in 2014. Anoplate has supplied zinc-nickel plated components to Boeing, Bell Helicopter, Sikorsky, Raytheon and Triumph.…

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  • Vacuum Impregnation Anoplate

    How does Vacuum Impregnation work?

    Vacuum impregnation works through sealing porosity and leak paths that may form during the metal casting process. This process works without adversely affecting the dimensional integrity, physical appearance, electrical property, surface resistance, or any other functional characteristics of the parts.…

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