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  • When Did Chromate Become Passivate?

    Chromating is the chemical conversion of an active metal surface into a protective metallic chromate compound.  Chromates connote the use of hexavalent chrome substances which have come under increasing scrutiny for various environmental, health and safety reasons.  Global regulations including REACH, RoHS, and WEEE have limited or outright outlawed the use of hexavalent chromium. Alternative conversion coatings based on trivalent chrome, permanganate, molybdate or vanadate compounds have becom…

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  • What is Phosphate?

    Phosphate is a type of conversion coating used to produce a heavily crystalline structure on steel parts. This coating provides improved resistance to wear and when coupled with a Chromic Dip and Oiling process will also improve the corrosion protection of the parts. Like other conversion coatings this is a chemical process and is a good pretreatment for paint. Both coatings, as supplied by Anoplate, have a dark grey appearance prior to any oiling. What Specification is most commonly used? Whi…

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  • What is Chem Film?

    Chem film or more appropriately chemical film is a term describing a chemical conversion coating most often associated with applying chromates to aluminum. The most widely known trade names for this process are Henkel’s Alodine® and MacDermid Enthone’s Iridite®. They are a category of sealants designed to adhere to the surface of metal components to provide a protective layer against corrosion. Chem Film Has Many Benefits In addition to enhanced corrosion protection, there are many practical…

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  • anoplate team

    Anoplate Celebrates Its Diamond Anniversary

    Anoplate and it’s 216 employees recently celebrated 6 decades of customer service, quality excellence, expanding process offerings and continuous growth. In 1960 Milt Stevenson, Sr. purchased a small two-man shop called Noxon Plating Works and founded Anoplate. Milt used to joke that customers would refer to him as “Coffee Can Plating Works” as small jobs would be delivered to him in cans or they’d be processed in cans.  Early customers included Nixon Gear, Allen Tool and Haloid (the forerunner…

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  • Meet Anoplate

    At Anoplate, we value the importance of our people. It’s actually our people, purpose, and process that set us apart. What we do matters, so it matters that our people are motivated and dedicated to learn and be successful. When you work at Anoplate, you don’t just have a job. It’s a place where you learn, grow, and become part of a family. You build a career in a respectful, safe environment. We build a safe working environment, with hands-on, applied training, but we are also boundary push…

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