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  • Vacuum Impregnation Anoplate

    How does Vacuum Impregnation work?

    Vacuum impregnation works through sealing porosity and leak paths that may form during the metal casting process. This process works without adversely affecting the dimensional integrity, physical appearance, electrical property, surface resistance, or any other functional characteristics of the parts.…

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  • Surface Finishing Used In Aerospace Engineering

    How Is Surface Finishing Used In Aerospace Engineering?

    At Anoplate, we maintain NADCAP Accreditation in over 80 chemical processes as well as accreditation for most major aerospace manufacturers. We’ve used these surface coatings on commercial aircrafts, missiles, satellites, military aircrafts, radar systems and spacecrafts.…

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  • Cadmium corrosion resistance

    Cadmium remains indispensable in a host of critical applications

    We believe it’s important not to blindly ban the use of cadmium, but to promote the responsible and controlled use of cadmium with full awareness for all related environmental and health implications.…

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  • Anoplate Celebrates Manufacturing Day October 2nd

    Manufacturing Day is being celebrated on October 2nd with events throughout the month. During this time Anoplate showcases innovative manufacturing processes in Plating, Anodizing, & Surface Engineering to foster interest in manufacturing careers at Anoplate. We invite you to visit Anoplate virtually in this video overview: At Anoplate, Our Employees Are Our #1 Asset! Anoplate employees have access to an array of educational resources including; in-plant courses covering such topics as b…

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  • Passivation of Stainless Steel

    Passivation of 400-Series Stainless Steel

    As an approved supplier of stainless steel passivation to many leading aerospace firms including Boeing, Hamilton Sundstrand, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Moog, Northrop Grumman, and others, we believe that Anoplate employs best practices when it comes to processing of your orders calling for passivate.…

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