IHAA approval for Hardcoat

The gold standard for product safety are those products that carry the Underwriters’ Lab seal of approval.  To earn the right to carry the UL mark a product has to meet stringent scientific safety, quality and security standards.   Recently the International Hard Anodizing Association or IHAA, recognized Anoplate and a handful of others globally with their certificate of approval.  To earn this honor, Anoplate demonstrated expertise and assets which are recognized by the IHAA as necessary for providing exceptional, verifiable and process stable surface finishing.  These include:

  • Computerized procedures to analyze, adjust and reanalyze chemistry and record all pertinent data
  • Computerized procedures to develop and maintain process parameters to ensure highest quality and repeatability
  • In-house laboratory capabilities to provide routine monitoring of required chemistry using SPC
  • Consistent measurement and data logging for quality verification on each process load
  • Resources to provide routine and random testing of coating thickness, coating weight, salt spray, abrasion resistance, coefficient of friction, color, light fastness, and preparation of specimen mounts and photomicrographs
  • Superior methods of solution agitation for removal of localized heat at the part
  • Control technology to maintain physical bath values and detect problems before parameters are out-of-control
  • Audit approved calibration systems
  • Demonstrated cooling capacity sufficient to support maximum rectifier output
  • Experienced Managers, Supervisors and Technicians on each operating shift
  • Accredited for sulfuric and hardcoat anodize including customized variants

The IHAA (www.ihanodizing.com) was founded in 1990 by enthusiastic specialists dedicated to promoting the progress and growth of the hard anodizing industry.  With more than 35 members from across the globe, members have gathered biannually for 3 decades to exchange technical knowledge from preeminent scientists and experts in industry and academia.   Anoplate was a founding member and has actively participated over the years.  This has afforded us the opportunity to tour dozens of hard anodizing facilities across Europe and a couple in the US.



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