MD Helicopter

Another Successful Audit:  MD Helicopter

Anoplate was recently re-audited and approved by Mesa Arizona’s MD Helicopter to perform chemical processing on their flight hardware.  MD, formerly McDonell-Douglas, evolved from what was Hughes Helicopter founded by famed aerospace innovator and entrepreneur Howard Hughes.

Anoplate had a long history of working on Hughes designed components thru the former Schweizer Aircraft of nearby Elmira NY who in 1980 purchased the rights to manufacture the Hughes 300.  Needing a diversified metal finishing house, Schweizer turned to Anoplate who was just beginning to process aerospace parts.  Almost overnight Anoplate was providing chromic anodize, hardcoat anodize, cadmium, and hard chrome plating for aerospace applications.  As a sub-contract manufacturer to other aviation giants including Boeing, Bell, Northrop, Grumman and Sikorsky, Anoplate was eventually audited by all those off-loading component manufacturing to Schweizer.

MD Helicopter
MD Helicopter Through Schweizer, Anoplate was introduced to lean manufacturing, workplace improvement practice known as 5S, and stretched to broaden their processing capability.  Anoplate engineers worked directly with the Schweizer brothers on new designs and programs.  Schweizer remained a top customer for nearly three decades until they were acquired by Sikorsky.  Anoplate cut their aerospace teeth to their relationship with Schweizer Aircraft.

MD Helicopter re-approved Anoplate for the following specifications:

MD Specification


MDP 1-9

Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief

MDP 4-2

Anodizing of Aluminum

MDP 4-7

Phosphating of Steel

MDP 4-10

Electroless Nickel Plating

MDP 4-79

Hardcoat Anodizing of Aluminum

MDP 9-1

Cleaning, Abrasive

MDP 9-25

Cleaning, Degreasing


Aerospace Quality System



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