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  • Aluminum coating, hardcoat anodize

    AnoLube III

    Anoplate’s AnoLube III provides manufacturers with the low-weight and cost advantages of aluminum, the abrasion resistance of hardcoat anodize and the lubricity of the latest fluoropolymer technology.…

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  • Dry Lubrication Electroplating

    AnoHard Cr

    AnoHard Cr is Anoplate’s proprietary industrial, hard chrome deposit. AnoHard Cr deposits a micro-cracked, smooth and shiny deposit that is proven to reduce wear, friction, seizing and gall your un-coated components.…

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  • Chromate Conversion Coatings

    AnoChem TCP

    AnoChem TCP replaces hexavalent chromate conversion coatings used for aluminum alloys without sacrificing corrosion resistance, electrical contact resistance or organic topcoat adhesion properties while meeting regulatory requirements of RoHS, WEEE, and ELV legislation.…

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  • Black Anodize Non-Reflective

    AnoBlack 606

    Anoplate’s AnoBlack 606 is a unique amalgamation of chemical pretreatment with post electrochemical processing that creates a matte, non-reflective black appearance on wrought aluminum alloys.…

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  • Electroless Black Nickel Coating

    AnoBlack NiTE

    AnoBlack NiTE represents a breakthrough in applying a robust, deep black coating. Unlike electrodeposited coatings which are notorious for non-uniform build-up, AnoBlack NiTE deposits evenly on all surface,…

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