How Is Surface Finishing Used In Aerospace Engineering?

Aerospace Engineering

As a company that has provided metal finishing solutions to the aerospace industry since 1960, we at Anoplate are well-aware of the precision and quality needed for superior, defect-free surface finishing in aerospace engineering…..lives depend on it!

Surface finishing is critical for the functionality and safety of any aerospace equipment. It is used most notably in systems such as:

  • Communications, Instrumentation and Controls
  • Fuel Nozzles and Engine Components
  • Guidance and Navigation Systems
  • Landing Gear Assemblies
  • Helicopter Rotor Blades
  • Electrical Hardware

Why do all of these aerospace engineering elements require surface finishing? Four primary reasons:

  1. Protection against corrosion. The cadmium, zinc and zinc-nickel coatings we use at Anoplate can not only withstand an extreme amount of elemental exposure before corroding, but they also act as a ‘sacrificial’ coating that will corrode before any metal they are covering while at the same time causing minimal corrosion to any surface they come in contact with. Additionally, through the process of aluminum anodizing, surfaces become more durable and are less susceptible to corrosive elements.
  2. Wear resistance. Through applying chrome, nickel or electroless nickel coatings, we protect components against surface damage through increasing surface
    hardness. Silver plating of threads on igniters prevents them from cold welding and seizing up in engines permitting them to be removed following high temperature
  3. Uniform coverage. Our electroless nickel plating allows for one or more layers of metal to be applied to a substrate without the use of an external electrical charge,
    meaning that it is applied evenly to the surface and, accordingly, ensures greater capacity for damage and corrosion resistance.
  4. Friction reduction during movement. By applying dry film lubricants, PTFE sealed hardcoat anodize, or PTFE co-deposited electroless nickel to fasteners, cables
    and slide mechanisms on rotating machinery, friction and subsequently wear and corrosion induced by movement is significantly reduced.

At Anoplate, we maintain NADCAP Accreditation in over 80 chemical processes as well as accreditation for most major aerospace manufacturers. We’ve used these surface coatings on commercial aircrafts, missiles, satellites, military aircrafts, radar systems and spacecrafts. In particular, we specialize in:

For questions or more information on any of our finishes and custom coatings, or to get started on selecting the right finishes for your aerospace project, contact us today.



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