Matte, Non-Reflective Black Anodize

Black Anodize Non-ReflectiveAnoplate’s AnoBlack 606 is a unique amalgamation of chemical pretreatment with post electrochemical processing that creates a matte, non-reflective black appearance on wrought aluminum alloys. The unique pretreatment microetches the surface lowering the glossiness of the basis metal in addition to blending in mild scratches and minimizing die or extrusion lines.

Unlike heavy caustic etching, there is minimal removal of any base material, typically less than 0.0001” per surface. The finish is particularly well suited to blackening 6061 and 6063 aluminum alloys and is not intended for castings. The result is enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your parts. Anoblack 606 is a lower cost alternative to mechanical blasting and avoids scrapping parts due to excessive etching intended to dull down the otherwise reflective sheen on as-machined aluminum surfaces.


❖ Firearms

❖ Telescopes, cameras and optical components

❖ Medical instrumentation or surgical components

❖ Vision control robotic systems

❖ Surface mount electronic assembly automation components


❖ Uniform matte, non-reflective appearance

❖ Eliminates the need for sandblasting or glass beading

❖ While typically black, can be done matte clear or dyed other colors

❖ Low reflectivity and various levels of “frosted” appearance attainable.


AnoBlack finishes are the product of on-going research and development at Anoplate aimed at providing unique solutions to surface engineering challenges. The AnoBlack family of coatings include:

AnoBlack Cr

AnoBlack EC

AnoBlack Ni

AnoBlack NiTE

AnoBlack SS