Anoplate Anodize Lines Expansion Complete


Anodize Line     Chem Film

Anoplate is proud to announce that full production is currently underway on our new Anodize lines.

This $5 million dollar investment represents the largest capital infusion in the firm’s 58 year history. This expansion doesn’t just mean more floor space and more tanks -- it represents streamlined processing efficiency, greater capacity for handling larger physical parts or higher volumes of the same part.

The Anoplate expansion provides our customers with:

  • More parts done in less time, quality assured
  • Advanced surface engineering anodize lines for the most critical parts
  • Green processes for a sustainable future

3 New Anodize Lines with Increased Capabilities

The expansion includes more than 70 processing tanks across 3 distinct lines and a new masking room. With substantially increased cooling, rectification, weight carrying capacity, and tank sizes, Anoplate will not only be able to better serve its existing customers, but look to take on new customers as well.

New Rectifiers - Engineer anodizing line     Paint Room - Anodizing line

This facility expansion provides increased capabilities for a variety of anodizing lines, including:

Anoplate 2018 Expansion - Metal Finishing, Hardcoat Anodizing and Electroplating Company

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