Announcing AnoTole: Precise Anodizing for High Tolerance Parts

Using a modified sulfuric acid electrolyte and enhanced power control, Anoplate has developed, tested, analyzed and is now launching a revolutionary new anodizing technology called AnoTole.

This process holds close tolerance, precision machined parts to exacting dimensions without the variability, inconsistency, and fatigue strength degradation of conventional Type II, sulfuric anodize. Part to part and lot to lot, the anodize thickness and buildup are precisely controlled such that use of similarly thin chromic acid anodize is avoided, as are scrap parts due to excessive or inconsistent build-up.

In many cases, the coating is so thin and the results so predictable that expensive masking can be minimized or eliminated altogether. As with any anodizing process – depending on the alloy or incoming condition of the parts – more aggressive cleaning and deoxidizing which may entail some degree of etching (i.e. stock removal) could be necessary.

This is particularly true of castings and 2000-series aluminum alloys. However, for corrosion-free parts made from 6061 or 7075 for example, non-etching pre-treatments can be prescribed, thus ensuring exacting dimensional results.

AnoTole Features

  • Meets MIL-A-8625, Type Ic and Type IIb requirements
  • Exceeds 336 hour ASTM B117 salt spray resistance corrosion test
  • Undyed: too thin to accept dye coloring so only offered in natural,
    undyed color
  • Minimal buildup

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