What is ''Lead Free/Cadmium-Free''

ElectropolishingThe European regulations CRoHS, EL V and WEEE) require electroless nickel
deposits to be from a bath where their contents are below a maximum
permitted limit.

The removal of all intentionally added lead and cadmium does not, however, make them lead/cadmium free.

There is a very small amount of lead, cadmium and possibly other metals that make their way through the carbonyl nickel process and ends up as a tramp contaminant in the nickel powder which is then dissolved to make Plating Grade Liquid Nickel Sulfate CLNS).

A major supplier of liquid nickel sulfate to many electroless nickel formulators, lists
both metals as one part per million (1 ppm) MAXIMUM. The actual levels are more
like 0. 1 ppm but have a tendency to increase when the baths age. A study is under
way to determine the levels both in the bath and the deposit.