Electroless Nickel Line Expansion

Anoplate continues to make significant capital upgrades to its facility including an expansion of its electroless nickel (EN) capabilities. In addition to its hand EN line, Anoplate has a linear, manually operated hoist line utilizing the latest chemical technology to produce high phosphorus grade EN deposits on steel and copper substrates.

Featuring adjustable speed hoists and advanced chemical handling and safety designs, the new production area allows Anoplate to refine EN productivity and process management. The upgraded EN line - installed in early 2012 and now fully operational - offers a host of key improvements:

  • Efficient, expandable EN production. The area is designed with wide, level, open-grid catwalks and stairways for improved traffic flow and tank access. The one-ton hoist/rail system has increased EN production capacity by 30 to 50 percent and broadened the range of sizes and weights that Anoplate can handle. 
  • Improved worker safety. Point-of use exhaust (rather than general room exhaust) is installed at key tanks. Chemical and solution transfers are accomplished through valved manifolds, which automates these transfer functions and minimizes manual contact with plating solutions - and also minimizes the likelihood of spills, either large or small.
  • Advanced environmental protections. Chemical spill controls include a fully bermed, pitched floor/ sump system with a chemical-resistant coating. Nickel bearing waste water is segregated for special pre-treatment that optimizes metal precipitation and thus enhances recovery. Oil removal, filtration, and agitation pumps have not only enhanced the performance of EN solutions but prolonged their useful life as well, reducing the volume of waste nickel products.