RoHS CompliantRestriction of Hazardous Substances or as it is more commonly referred to, RoHS, is one of a handful of European legislation intended to eliminate or severely curtail the use of cadmium, hexavalent chromium, and lead in all products from automobiles to consumer electronics. WEEE and ELV are nearly identical pieces of legislation with similar bans on use of these hazardous substances widely used in the plating and coating industry to prevent wear and corrosion.

Globally nearly every manufacturer is implementing RoHS compliance demanding RoHS compliant coatings free from these materials. Anoplate has worked closely with its supply base and investigated various alternative coatings that meet these stringent regulations. For your RoHS-compliant alternative coating, Anoplate offers the following options:

AnoChem TCP
Hex Chrome Free, RoHS Compliant Chemical Conversion Coating for Aluminum 
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ENhanced Z8 
RoHS Compliant Electroless Nickel, 100% Lead-free, Cadmium-Free Coating 
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NOTE: Mercury is similarly covered in this list of restricted hazardous substances, however, mercury has never been used in any coating provided by Anoplate.

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