Vacuum Impregnation Processes at Anoplate

Dry Vacuum Impregnation at Anoplate with HVLV

Anoplate utilizes lean innovative HVLV vacuum impregnation technology to replace more traditional batch flow approach.

HVLV Vacuum Impregnation at AnoplateSingle-piece flow equipment enables Anoplate to conserve resources (floor space, sealant and electricity) while achieving nearly 100% sealing performance. The savings in cycle time alone is upwards of 80%. This technology not only saves time and energy, it provides our customers the security of knowing their pressure retention requirements will be met throughout the life of the component.

This sealing approach utilizes dry vacuum pressure impregnation. Air is removed from the leak path or porosity since retained air would prevent the sealant from entering.

Dry vacuum (MIL-I-17563) ensures air is removed allowing the sealant to penetrate deep into the casting. Dry vacuum pressure impregnation is the most thorough and robust form of impregnation and delivers the highest possible yield of leak-free compounds.

Parts need to fit into a 375 mm (W) x 575 mm (L) x 260 mm (H) universal basket for processing. Parts up to 380 mm (W) x 580 mm (L) x 300 mm (H) could be processed with custom sled designs (The machine envelope opening is 400 mm (W) x 600 mm (L) x 320 mm (H)

Impregnation does not affect:

  • Dimensional integrity
  • Bulk material physical properties
  • Electrical properties / surface resistance
  • No exterior visual evidence of sealing