Meet Anoplate

At Anoplate, we value the importance of our people. It’s actually our people, purpose, and process that set us apart. What we do matters, so it matters that our people are motivated and dedicated to learn and be successful. 

When you work at Anoplate, you don’t just have a job. It’s a place where you learn, grow, and become part of a family. You build a career in a respectful, safe environment. 

We build a safe working environment, with hands-on, applied training, but we are also boundary pushers. We innovate, and we learn. It takes the individual skills and contributions from everyone to keep adapting to the needs of the important industries we serve. Aerospace, military, and medical products we engineer have a wide-reaching effect on saving lives and reaching the stars.

Because each person at Anoplate brings a different skillset, we genuinely care about our employees. We invest the time and energy into safety and production protocols, top-notch training programs, and identifying career paths to help each person learn and grow with Anoplate. 

What We Do

Products we engineer at Anoplate have to work right every time. Why? Because it could be saving lives in a medical environment, building the tools our military depends on, or essential for a ground-breaking aerospace mission. 

Anoplate is an industry leader in surface engineering for mission-critical operations. The wide-reaching impact of our work demonstrates the importance of our team. We innovate and push boundaries for defense, medical, and space advancement

It’s our purpose, process and people that set us apart to do the work that matters. We learn and grow together, like a family, because our people are our greatest asset. 

From saving lives or reaching the stars, Anoplate works to make things work right the first time and every time.